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First breakfast of 2014! Eggs toast, guacamole, and salmon. @ramladi is the best cook ever, thanks mom! (Taken with

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First Class => First Place. Congrats to my bros in First Class Bhangra for winning Bhangra in the Burgh! #doitagainagaindoitagain #thisishowwedoit #iwannaseethatagainonyoutube #imill #luckynumberseven #fcbros #burgh7 #bhangra (Taken with

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Visited the giant #rubberduck on its tour in #pittsburgh #ducksayquack #nofilter (Taken with

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With the exception of Jay Z’s and Chance the Rapper’s, I wasn’t impressed by most of the tech references mentioned in this article. They were pretty much one-liners used to fill a rhyme. Some of my favorites:

"And why god’s phone die everytime that I call on him?
If his son had a Twitter wonder if I would follow him?”
Chance the Rapper, Everybody’s Something

"This is anti-auto-tune, death of the ringtone, 
This ain’t for iTunes, this ain’t for sing-alongs” Jay Z, DOA

"And when it come to rapping fast, I’m the Higgs Boson
And though my style freakish
I could still break your body down to five pieces like I did Voltron”
Chance the Rapper feat. Twista: Cocoa Butter Kisses

(* Not mentioned in the article, but I think it’s clever *)
"I network on MySpace real late
Hoping my app’ll make me another Bill Gates”
Method Man and Redman, A-YO

Coffee for days at my first #pennapps 48-hr hackathon #insomnia #C0FFEE #YOLOamirite? (Taken with

Staff Bonding: playing Save the President on our CA #mudge #rastaff2013 #cmuorientation2k13 #latergram (Taken with